Diversified Services Incorporated is a full-service contractor dedicated to customer service, quality workmanship, safety, and the return of real value to satisfied customers.

Conceptual & Design Phase


  • Design Review & Management
  • Construction Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Contract Packaging
  • Pre-Purchase
  • Public Relations

Construction Phase

  • Project Management
  • Onsite Inspection
  • Pre & Post Construction Surveys
  • Contract Administration
  • Design Changes During Construction
  • Startup & Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operational Assistance
  • Analysis & Cost Estimation
  • Job Closeout


Metal Fabrication Design Services

Project Design

DSI provides our customers with an accurate and complete concept and design service including, taking your concepts from a conceptual stage to a finished project.

Project Design Services for Metal Fabrication

Certified Structural Welders - DSI - North Idaho

Certified Structural Welding

Diversified Services, Inc. is a full-service welding and fabrication shop. We provide quality workmanship on steel, cast and aluminum projects.

Structural Welding Services

Ornamental Iron Fabrication - DSI

Ornamental Iron Fabrication

Diversified Services, Inc. has provided our customers with ornamental iron projects in the Northwest Region since 2002. Our full-service fabrication shop and quality machines allow us to provide unique decorative solutions.

Ornamental Iron Design and Fabrication

Precision Millwright Services - DSIPrecision Millwright Services

Diversified Services, Inc. is dedicated to the support of the commercial industry. Our services give our customers’ a quick, knowledgeable and safe installation of all industrial equipment.

Feel free to contact us:

+1 208 762 5566

Sales: sales@dsinorthamerica.com
General Manager: pzimmer@dsinorthamerica.com

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